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Inspiring documentary about Americans living in Mexico

12 July 2009 5 Comments

On my last post I wrote about the over one million Americans who love living in Mexico, and quoted Caren Cross as one of the many who have found ‘their place’ south of the border.

After 30 years of pursuing the American dream, Caren left it all behind to start a new life in Mexico. She soon realized that thousands of Americans have made the same choice, so she decided to produce “Lost and Found in Mexico”, a documentary about their story.

In her own words: “Lost and Found in Mexico is a 53 minute documentary film about foreigners -mostly from the U.S.- and how Mexico has affected them. It is a very deep film that shows how living in Mexico has brought foreigners back to their essential selves. The subjects of the film talk about how much better they feel here than how they felt in the U.S.”

The film was invited to over 25 film festivals world-wide and has won several prizes.  What a great way to showcase what Mexico is all about!

Watch the trailer:

Read more about “Lost and Found in Mexico” here.


  • Joni Gordon said:

    Congratulations on this new site! We need to focus on optimism and love for our neighbors! Mexicans have certainly been given a raw deal.
    By the way, I bought a copy of LOST and FOUND in MEXICO several months ago and it has made the rounds of all of my friends. This film, although set in San Miguel de Allende, has universal appeal. I haven’t met anyone that wasn’t moved by the film.
    Joni Gordon

  • Mel said:

    I am SO glad to find this. I lived south of Cancun & Playa Del Carmen for one yr in 1997-98. It is the Yucatan & a friend had told me I HAD to go. I fell in love with mostly everything—making a living was a bit of a challenge. I DREEEAM of going back to Mexico & being a traveler to meet lots of people and enjoy the aesthtic beauty & precious people of this country. Wish I was there NOW.

  • Jorge (author) said:

    Hi Mel,
    Thanks for your comment and for sharing with us your love for Mexico. Hope to have you back very soon!

  • Jorge (author) said:

    Joni hi,
    Many thanks for your kind words.
    You are absolutely right about the documentary’s universal appeal. It is a moving subject that crosses borders.

  • Lost and Found in Mexico (2007) - Movie said:

    Lost and Found in Mexico (2007) – Movie…

    Note 8/10. Lost and Found in Mexico is a Documentary Movie of 2007 made in Mexico, USA. Director: Caren Cross…

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