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Mexicans break records in many fronts

9 September 2009 No Comment

Mexicans-dancing-thrillerAre you looking for people who are prepared to do extraordinary things together? Then take a look at Mexico, where Mexicans are famous for getting together to powerfully celebrate fun, life and love.

According to the New York Times, if the Guinness World Records ever creates a category for the country most obsessed with being in the Guinness Book of World Records, Mexico would take the place. During the last few months, Mexicans have set records on many fronts: from the largest flour taco, meatball, and cheesecake; to the largest fashion catwalk, mariachi musicians gathering, enthusiastic Jackson’s fans dancing to “Thriller”, and the largest kissing celebration on Valentine’s Day.

Mexico’s record-breaking frenzy, an analyst says, “… reflects the desire for world-class status, and its acknowledgment that on many fronts it is not yet there”.  Honestly, did any country get there yet? The United States holds the first place in the world for the record-breaking “industry”.

A country’s life, and that of its citizens, has undoubtedly many fronts. Yet, people that can get together to enjoy and celebrate life can certainly become powerful enough to work together on more difficult issues.

Mexico is an ever-building community with strengthening ties. Otherwise, how on Earth can you explain that someone managed to get 12,937 persons dance Thriller’s choreography in perfect sync? It certainly makes you wonder: what’s next?

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