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Mexican women: more empowered than BRIC’s

27 October 2009 2 Comments

Most and least empowered women in the world

In a previous article we analyzed the statistics available on the Human Development Index (HDI), and showed how Mexico measures against other countries.

Worldmapper.org, a project published by the University of Sheffield, has also released very interesting data on gender empowerment and particularly on women empowerment.

Just like HDI, this Gender Empowerment Measure (GEM) is calculated by the United Nations Development Program on a similar basis to the HDI, but focusing on women’s opportunities rather than the capabilities of both men and women. The GEM components are: the female share of parliamentary representation; the proportion of legislators, senior officials, managers, professional and technical employees who are women; and the ratio of female to male earnings.

The Gender Empowerment Measure for the world is 430. A figure of 1000 would imply that female’s opportunities are equal to males’.

The available figures show that the most empowered women in the world are the Norwegian with a GEM of 908, followed by Sweden (854), Denmark (847) and Finland (820). Let’s not forget that Scandinavian countries have laws that force businesses to fulfill a gender quota.

The USA scored 769. At the bottom of the table are Yemen (123), Saudi Arabia (207) and most African countries.

Mexico’s score is 563, well above the world’s average and two places under Italy (583) and four under the Czech Republic (586).

Most interesting is to note that Japan (the second largest world economy) and each and every single one of the BRIC nations is way below Mexico on the list. Women in the BRIC countries – which are perceived as the largest developing economies – are less empowered than women in places such as Uganda (549) or Samoa (534):

Japan – 531
Brazil – 516
Russia – 467
China – 380
India – 316

There is still a long way to go to empower women around the globe to have the same opportunities as men. These figures help us see the reality of where we currently stand and where we need to go. Making sure we get there is the job of each and everyone of us!


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