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Mexico walks the talk

17 November 2009 No Comment

Mesoamerica Integration and Development ProjectA few weeks ago, the Mexican government agreed to provide Guatemala, our neighbor country south of the border, with low-cost electricity as part of the Mesoamerica Integration and Development Project.

Over half a million Guatemalans will benefit directly with this new electricity connection that will allow additional energy supplies and will also strengthen economic ties and cooperation between both nations.

Similarly, Mexico has reaffirmed its desire to strengthen relations with other Central American countries for economic and social benefit of the region. As part of an agreement based on mutual progress and brotherhood, Guatemalans may have access to as far as 100 km within Mexican territory without the need of a visa.

This commitment from Mexico is a great example of how much two neighboring countries can achieve when they are willing to raise the living standards of families on both nations, when there is a positive dialogue, and when the complaints are left aside, taking responsibility and action to make a difference.

Mexico is proving with facts that it is ready to engage in a constructive conversation with its neighboring countries in the region; a conversation based on support, cooperation and assistance. The next obvious question is: What would be possible if we took the context of that productive conversation and replicated it with our neighbor to the north and made sure we took it to the next level?

Let’s all commit ourselves to what is possible in the relationship between Mexico and the USA!

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