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Mexico Setting a Worldwide Example: Donations to Haiti’s Earthquake Relief

22 January 2010 8 Comments

Tibor R. Machan, researcher at the Hoover Institution at Stanford, titled one of his books “Generosity: A Virtue in Civil Society”. Today, though in front of a terrible human tragedy, the world is genuinely showing what thousands of years of evolution and civilization could proudly account for. Empathy and generosity throughout the world shine in Haiti’s obscure times.

Among all this generosity, Mexico stands apart. According to Reliefweb data published by The Guardian, Mexico occupies the 7th place among donations sent by countries worldwide- not agencies- to Haiti´s earthquake relief. After Mexico, there come countries like Denmark, Canada, Japan, Norway and Spain. Even more surprising, donations by the Mexican government amount to eight times those by New Zealand, 2.3 times Germany’s donations and five times that of Italy.

It is certainly not an issue of a sad competition. Mr. Machan remembers the Greeks in his book and comments; “Generosity, is no tantamount to altruism, which means putting others first. To be generous means to extend goodwill towards others because one’s own happiness is thereby enhanced, because one lives a fully human life if, among other things, one lives generously”.

To this day, Mexico has sent more than 150 natural disasters specialists, more than 50 tons of food, and six thousand meals, among electricity plants and water treatment plants on board three airplanes Hercules C-130 of our Armed Forces, the Hospital Ship Huasteco and the Papaloapan Ship that has been present when Katrina and the tsunami.

It is not the first time in history that Mexico stands for its solidarity, its generousity to those of its kind. This week Mexico has become a world example of a civil society and its government tuned on the importance of showing goodwill towards our fellow humans.

Country Million usd*

1. USA – 100
2. U.K – 30
3. Sweden – 18
4. Brazil – 15
5. China – 10
6. Australia – 9
7. Mexico – 8
Total World 741

*Rounded figures


  • Stephan Wehner said:

    Hello there; where did you get those “Country Million usd” figures ?


  • Dorothy A. Buckley said:

    This is a great site with a wonderful purpose. I have lived among the people of Mexico and count some among my dearest friends. I wish that all Americans would know and love the Mexican people and the reality of Mexico as I do. Thank you for creating this space.

  • Jorge (author) said:

    Thank you Stephan Wehner.
    The data was constructed by TheCatalist with figures from reliefweb.int and excludes international agencies aid. Data from Mexican Government was announced by President Calderon and was added to the reliefweb.int original list. Figures were rounded.

  • Jorge (author) said:

    Thank you Dorothy for your words!!
    Let’s expand this conversation and reach as many american friends as we can!!

  • Dorothy A. Buckley said:

    I promise to try my best. It’s a hard sell with so much negative media, but I do my part day by day whenever and wherever I have the opportunity. Respect is key and we need to show that to people on both sides of the river.

    Deveras, muchas gracias por este lugar. Yo creo que es muy importante juntarnos y hablar con una voz que respeta cada cual.

  • Jorge (author) said:

    That is the attitude!! By bringing this conversation in every opportunity you are making a difference for all of us!! There is so much to share and so many things we can both learn from each other! It all starts with a new conversation..!! Thank you!!

  • Tibor R. Machan said:

    I am not a Stanford philosophy professor. I teach at Chapman University, in Orange, CA. I am a research fellow at the Hoover Institution which is located on the Stanford University campus.

  • Jorge (author) said:

    Mexican people and mexican billionaire Carlos Slim have jointly collected 5 US millon dollars (2.5 US million each) in additional aid for Haiti. The aid will be channelled through UNICEF and will add up to the 9 US million figure donated by the Mexican Government…!!

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