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SB1070: Shame on you!

27 April 2010 One Comment

SB 1070 is the new law enacted and passed by the state of Arizona and is the most comprehensive and stringent anti-immigration measure yet seen for decades in the United States. Among other things under law it is now considered a crime for anyone -and subject to arrest without warrant- if it is unable to prove lawful residence in the United States upon being asked based on “reasonable suspicion” to provide that proof. Starting on July or August 2010, when this law is enforced, the Arizona State Police will be allowed to detain any individual who does not look Native American or has “immigrant looking” and cannot prove their legality at the time in that country.

President Obama condemned this law mentioning that it “undermines the basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and our communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe.” He also mentioned that this state law comes from the lack of regulation that has been taken at the federal level on the issue of migration. Therefore, considered that this issue can be reviewed at the federal level to avoid similar situations in the future.

Similarly, the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, condemned the law considering it unacceptable and discriminatory. “In May I will make a visit to President Obama and the United States Congress. Be certain that in all meetings and spaces that I will have, as President of Mexico, the issue about the rights of Mexicans in the U.S. and anywhere in the world, as well as the urgent need for progress on sound, sensible, human and balanced schemes will be imperatively discussed. ”

Mexican immigrants in the United States are essential to preserve the American way of life. Without them, and according to statistics, the cost of living in the United States would increase significantly. It is not an issue about how immigrants got here and why they left. It is about hard working people making a difference, a contribution to the US economy!

It is imperative to put this issue into perspective. In Mexico there are 1.5 million American citizens living illegally. Population trends in Mexico and the United States indicate that by 2025 Mexico will stop sending immigrants to the United States, since they will be required for their own national growth. The United States is actually running out of manpower and “expelling” their senior citizens to Mexico. The United States cannot compete with China unless it strengthens its ties with Canada and Mexico and aligns accordingly their facilities of natural resources and manufactures. By 2025 there will be 12 million U.S. citizens in Mexico, it is only a matter of time and they know this very well in Washington DC, that is why their speech is so different.

Our countries, our bonds, our heritage, and the millions of Americans that have their roots in México…our friendship, our illegal Mexican immigrants in the USA, the 1.5 million illegal US citizens living happily in Mexico all are contribution and progress to our countries. It is only by building a respectful win-win relationship that North America will stand tall and beyond!!!

Image: courtesy of immigration.change.org

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  • Teri Rendon said:

    I lived in Mexico for 8 wonderful years as a LEGAL immigrant in an area that was full of people the US living in Mexico illegally as tourists. They owned property and went to the border every 3-6 months to renew their visas. My children were born in Mexico and dual citizenship. This is a sad sad day for Lady Liberty.

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