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Mexico: Success leveling the opportunities playing field for Children

2 June 2010 One Comment

Imagine a country where your future did not depend on where you come from, how much your family earns, what color your skin is, or whether you are male or female. Imagine if personal circumstances, those over which you have no control or responsibility, were irrelevant to your opportunities, and to your children’s opportunities. And imagine now a statistical tool that can help governments make that a reality. Welcome to the World Bank Human Opportunity Index (HOI).

The HOI calculates how personal circumstances (like birthplace, wealth, race or gender) impact a child’s probability of accessing the services that are necessary to succeed in life, like timely education, running water or connection to electricity. The HOI runs from zero to 100; a society that has achieved universal coverage of all services would score at 100.

The good news is that all LatinAmerican countries have raised their HOI in the last decade and a half, some quite rapidly. The great news is the fastest improvement occurred in Mexico during the last 15 years. The top performers in the 2010 report are:

1.Chile- 95

This means that Mexico has been leveling the playing field year by year and making chances much more equal for all Mexicans. These data and facts really contrast with some of the interpretations and stories we make up to disempower us. It is all about recognizing ourselves for our actions.

On behalf of all these children born in a much more even playing field let’s recognize ourselves for what has taken us to reach that place, for our commitment, generosity, and our passion to do things.

Imagine what else is possible for Mexico if we keep taking responsibility and causing what we want…

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    [...] Does it have to do with the Context from which we see Mexico? Let’s acknowledge what Mexico has accomplished as a country and identify new opportunities to make a difference in what is really missing. [...]

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