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Mexico in Top 15% regarding news reading on the Internet!

6 July 2010 No Comment

Mexico, according to a study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), is in fifth place in the proportion of individuals who read newspapers on the Internet for private purposes, just below Korea, Norway, Iceland and Japan, of all the 31 OECD members list.

This finding goes along with the data that inform us that the circulation of “traditional” newspaper has fallen, implying a further decline in advertising revenue. In the study “The Evolution of News and the Internet” of the OECD, it is also mentioned that both the decrease in traditional newspaper readers, such as increased use of electronic means to that end, is directly proportional.

Although Mexico is still lagging behind compared to other OECD countries in terms of broadband connections and Internet access, we can see that the use of these resources is high. The number of readers of recently printed newspapers (for the day or day before) tells us that in Mexico readers fell from 36% to 34%. On the other hand, and as mentioned before, Mexico is among the first places in the world where the population uses internet to read the news, with 60% of users reported using the internet to download or watch any news, above the United States and Finland, both with 57%, as well as Sweden with 45% .

One very interesting data from this study is that reveals that most Internet users are young people, which could increase the number of electronic media usage significantly. According to the OECD study, “The reading of print newspapers is usually lower among young people, who tend to attribute less importance to these media, however print newspapers still have a future.”

It is necessary to increase the capacity and infrastructure in technology in Mexico to achieve leadership. This contrasts with our perception about Mexico, that we are not able to adapt and conceive technology as part of our daily lives. This is a perfect example of how technology can be used to close gaps, in this case, information.

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