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Mexico Blogging Champion in the Americas!

4 August 2010 No Comment

A recent internet study has shown that internet use varies by country. For instance, in Asia, the use of the internet is in a social manner, while in the West the Internet is considered more as a tool to publish ideas and make public personal point of views.

In general, BRIC and other developing countries are the countries that demonstrate more use of the internet, although for different purposes. For example, in Asia, about 45% of Internet users write some kind of blog, but this is considered to be in a more familiar way such as to keep in touch with the family rather than for other purposes. However, in Western countries -where less than 15% of internet users have admitted to write a blog- the blog is used as a means to publish or disclose a point of view.

Out of all internet users in Mexico, over 54% of Internet users have said they use social networks to upload photos and/or videos. Among them only 15% say they use micro-blogs (i.e. twitter), which represents a percentage similar to that of Brazil, and well above the United States. In our country there is still a very important area of opportunity for micro blogging. However, Mexico has a big portion of internet users who write a blog. About 30% of Mexicans who use internet have written in some kind of blog, while in the United States and Brazil, only about 12% and 20% respectively have written a blog.

An interesting phenomenon is that the use of the internet in developing countries is much better distributed than in developed countries. This means that users in developing countries use internet tools in a much more even way. This may be the case because when the Internet started being used in developed countries there was a much more limited tool supply which made it harder to adopt the technology while nowadays there is a greater variety of user friendly services and technologies. It seems that this trend will go on.

We have seen that users in BRIC and other developing countries use the web in a much more diverse way. What would be possible if developing countries used the internet in a manner that improved communication between them? What would happen if in countries like Mexico and the USA, who have a lot of users who do write blogs, used these blogs to promote powerful contexts and the wellbeing of their citizens?

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