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Mexicans Among the Most Hard Working in OECD

9 November 2010 No Comment

Sometimes, Mexicans have been portrait as a nation of lazy people. This is a deeply rooted perception that some Mexicans have of themselves. They make jokes about it and there is no one lazier than a Mexican, just another Mexican. There even exists a stereotype, which has circled around the world of a Mexican, taking a nap in a hammock between two cacti.

However, figures don’t lie. Contrary to some stereotypes, Mexicans are far away from being lazy according to world standards. Studies by the organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), with data from the International Labor Organization (ILO), show that in Mexico, people work for more hours than the average of the rest OECD members. In fact, Mexico is the fifth country among OECD members in which people work the most hours each year. In Mexico, people work 1,857 while in countries like England, Spain, and United States people work 1,646, 1,654, and 1,768, hours respectively. In the Netherlands, where people work the least hours among the OECD members, people work as few as 1,378 hours every year.

Recently, in countries like Greece and Spain important social mobilizations have taken place because the governments of those countries want to increase the age of retirement of their citizens, and people are not willing to work more as their governments have proposed.

Besides the number of hours worked annually, there are other indicators that show us this spirit of the Mexican workers. Mexico has been characterized by the desire its people have shown to succeed through work. An indisputable example is the migration phenomenon that exists from Mexico to the United States. This phenomenon is due to the interests of Mexicans to seek better opportunities. Mexicans migrate to the United States to find more and better work opportunities. The impression that Americans have of Mexican migrants is of hard working people willing to do high quality work and striving to serve.

Undoubtedly, these studies make us question the stereotype of lazy Mexicans. What would be possible if we realize that Mexicans are on top tier of hard working countries? How would this change the perception that you have when opening a new business, starting a new project or looking for a partner?

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