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Mexican Tenor: Umberto Veloz, another pride of Mexican birth.

25 December 2010 2 Comments

Mexico is known for its great cultural contribution to the world, considered by UNESCO as one of the largest contributor worldwide in terms of cultural heritage and the importance of culture´s value in national economy. Added to this, Mexico also offers great human talent, as is the case of Umberto Veloz, undoubtedly the most beautiful male voice of the Latin American Folk music and the most important discovery of this artistic genre in recent years.

Mexico is worldknown as a birthplace of great tenors. Umberto broadens this group even more, reaching farther horizons. In a world where technology is the rule, he has dared to challenge it, neglecting electronic rhythms, instruments and other virtues digital device. Inspired by Black and Latino roots, the Voice of Umberto was born mixing the origins of drums and guitars.

This Mexican tenor has performed in countries like Spain, the USA, Mexico, Venezuela, among others, receiving excellent reviews from the press and the world of international culture. His concert is full of Latin rhythms such as the Cuban son, the chacarera, and Venezuelan joropo, the Peruvian celebration, the famous bolero, and trova, which combined with the afro jazz and lyrical singing creates a rich mix of music and folk-Latin. The result is a night of excellent fusion achieved by the charisma and incredible interpretation that Umberto does with his powerful and velvety voice. Notwithstanding the excellent array of musicians, all of them demonstrating a nuanced musical virtuosity, taking the spectator from the most sensual and romantic mood, to the strength and flavor of Afro-Latin rhythms, indulging in talent and allowing an unforgettable ecstasy of art and music.

Mexico is a country with an endless supply of natural and cultural resources, as well as rich source of human talent. Why not experience this country as what it really is, leaving aside the opinions and judgments that we could have regarding it? Mexico is a country that enjoys the privilege of providing the world with natural and artistic beauty, live in Mexico as the country really is.


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