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Mexico Causing Results in COP16!

7 February 2011 One Comment

The XVI International Conference on Climate Change, or COP 16 (Conference of the Parties) was held in Cancun from November 29 to December 10, 2010. This conference, organized under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, aimed at concluding a legally binding agreement on the climate that applies from 2012, when agreements reached at the Kyoto Protocol will be concluded. It was programmed after the 2009 Copenhagen Conference failed to find such an agreement.

Unlike Last year´s conference in Copenhagen, in which too many expectations were drawn upon, the conference in Cancun was more successful than previously thought. Despite the absence of agreements in the previous meetings, this time relevant agreements were reached, like the creation of a world fund against climate change. Although, they are not yet formal treaties, this is an important step for the efforts that the United Nations are trying to achieve to address global climate change. Agreements reached in Mexico, came also despite of the doubts expressed last August by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, about the feasibility of reaching them given the differences in world’s leaders opinions on this issue.

During the last two years, the United Nations Organization in these conferences, given the refusal of countries like the U.S. and the BRIC to give something up, reached no favorable results. In Cancun, unlike Copenhague, through the work of its diplomacy, Mexico showed disposition towards cooperation and willingness to take responsibility on the matter, so that it facilitated the reaching of agreements in a way that allows us to think of the possibility of relevant treaties signed in the near future.

Mexico aligned agreements that glimpse the possibility of signing treaties in the near future. According to Jordi Vaquer of “El País”, “in Cancun we saw how more discreet diplomacies, when willing to work for the common good, and are used to commit and yield, may be more effective in finding solutions to global issues,” a clear reference to the attitude taken by Mexico and European Union countries to reach solutions that are beneficial for all, in contrast to what happened in previous meetings.

Mexico is playing to generate and reach agreements with First World countries on topics of international relevance. It is leading and taken into account for decisions as an important partner for other countries. What if we realized the role that Mexico plays in the global scene? Do we realize the importance that Mexico really has as a country and the weight that Mexico really has in the world?

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