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Mexico: Engineer Production Powerhouse!

25 February 2011 One Comment

Even though we think of Mexico as a country with no talent in engineering and innovation, data and facts from different international organizations prove us wrong. One of the main reasons there is a lot of talent in Mexico and great accomplishments have been achieved is the fact that 451.000 students are currently enrolled in technical and engineering careers. This result is surprising, considering that in the United States there are only 370.000 students enrolled in these careers. Mexico is focusing on the future with these engineers, taking into account that it is a country that stands for innovation and offering talented and specialized workforce as one of its main attractions for foreign investment.

If we take into account other technological careers other than engineering, this number takes a mucho more important stand, due to the fact that there are currently 745,377 students enrolled in careers that have to do with these areas, according to the National Association of Universities and Superior Education (ANUIES). This makes Mexico one of the most important countries on technology and engineer career graduates worldwide.

There are many cases that can help us prove this. The doctor and academic at the Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ), Ivan Moreno Hernandez was chosen by the International Centre for Theoretical Physics Abdus Salam (ICTP) to be the winner of the ICO / ICTP 2011 award. Moreno Hernandez was honored for his studies and research in the light emitting diodes lamps (LEDs), more efficient and easier to use light sources, that allow more applications. In addition, Moreno said all his studies were developed at the Autonomous UAZ, putting the University on the spotlight. To carry out his investigations, Ivan Moreno has received support from other Mexican institutions such as PROMEP and CONACYT, demonstrating their commitment to research and development of innovative products in Mexico.

As well as Ivan Moreno, other Mexican scientists have been recognized internationally. Dr Blanca Jimenez Cisneros, for example, was recognized last October by the International Water Association with the Global Water Award 2010 for her research on the recovery of nutrients from the sewage. Dr. White was the first person from a developing country in history to get this award. In another case, Silvia Torres-Peimbert won the L’Oreal-UNESCO Award for Women in Science for her work on the chemical composition of nebulae, which is fundamental to understanding the origin of the universe. Dr. Torres Peimbert is a graduate from the Natinal Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Mexico is creating more and more talent as time goes by, and these talented engineers are being awarded by prestigious international institutions. In Mexico there is enough talent to export, and at the same time continue contributing important research and discoveries to the scientific world.

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