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Mexico is an Information Technology Powerhouse

15 October 2011 3 Comments

Mexico has become a solid World manufacturing powerhouse, reaching high quality levels and competiveness that have positioned the country at the top levels in a series of industries. Such is the case of automotive industry and Aeronautic, where it is easily possible to appreciate the extent of the installed industry in the country and its impressive exports volume.

But, it has not only been in manufactures that Mexico has reached a leadership place at world level. During the last years, it has reached an every day more important role in the growing world industry of information technology (IT). This complex industry encompasses a wide range of products from software programming and development, to computer equipment, becoming the relevant variable of the knowledge society and the main driver of our times’ technological and communications revolution.

In 2001, Mexico’s IT services exports reached only 50 million dollars. This year, the industry’s numbers will close at an unprecedented level of 4.2 billion dollars in service exports. Undoubtedly, Mexico is the fourth global exporter in software development, and top number on in Latin America, positioned only behind India, the Philippines and China.

In terms of competitiveness, ATKearney Consulting revealed in a recent study, that Mexico occupies the sixth best place in the world for offshore IT services operations. This study ponders different factors such as financial advantages, human factor’s availability and skills, as well as business environment. On the other hand, in terms of industry quality, it has been acknowledged internationally and 350 companies operate according to industry standards such as the CMMI, CMM, and/or the Mexican norm MOPROSOFT, among others with interesting increase within the industry.

Furthermore, according to available data from specialized firms such as Gartner and Forrester, Mexico is also within the five first world places as TI providers with annual exports with estimated increases of two digits for the next years. Within this, Mexico is considered by big industry investors as one of the main destinies for investment, out of a sample of 148 countries.

According to the UN’s report of creative economies, Mexico has also become a one. This study measures the creative industries’ contribution to GDP and includes sectors’ activities related to popular knowledge and cultural legacy, or handcrafts and cultural festivals, to technology, software and services sectors. In its 2010 study, Mexico appears as the first creative economy of Latin America and one of the 20 most important worldwide.

Advances reached in this Mexican industry are the result of an intentional collaboration between de Mexican government and the industry, mainly through the creation of a support program called PROSOFT and an initiative to promote the country as a world class alternative for nearshore in IT solutions (MexicoIT), that has certainly given as a result a Mexican service offer cost competitive and with the highest quality.



  • johanna van zanten said:

    More good news! Thanks.

    Johanna van Zanten

    When my friend and I were looking for appliances last year in Ajijic, it was a surprise to me to hear that the major brand name appliances sold in the US and Canada were made in Mexico.
    The Mexican state is a competent competitor with the US and Canada for the production of all kinds of modern goods.I think that a great future is awaiting Mexico.

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