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About TheCatalist

The Catalist is not a spelling mistake.

Our name is the result of the combination of two other words that define the essence of this blog:
catalyst and optimist.

n. catalyst [kӕtəlist]
1) a substance which causes or assists a chemical change in another substance without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change.
2) someone or something that helps bring about a change.

n. optimist [ŏp'tə-mĭst]
1) one who usually expects a favorable outcome.
2) a person disposed to take a favorable view of things

We believe that there is a major flaw in the way Mexico and the United States of America have been communicating in the last years; not only at the level of the policymakers on both sides of the border but also at the citizens’ level.

And it is all about perception.

  • Perception of what Mexico and the Mexicans are really all about,
  • Perception of what Mexico and the USA as countries have in common,
  • Perception of what Mexicans and Americans have in common – which is more than what we don’t have in common

A new perspective is needed if we want the relationship to flourish and not get stalled or deteriorate even further. A perspective that embraces the possibility of a better understanding of each other.

Inspired by optimism, our aim is to participate in that reaction that will eventually cause a positive change in the communication between two great nations that share so much more than just a border.

We look forward to your feedback!

Read about the creator of TheCatalist here.


  • Paola Bortoluz said:

    It is through the intentional seek of one’s own greatness that we become capable of seeing it in all others. ;)

  • Alicia Flores said:

    This site fosters a much needed conversation geared towards generating a positive relationship between the two countries which is unusual in modern day media and parlance.

  • Renan said:

    Yes I think its very nais for people of the world.

  • Jorge (author) said:

    Thank you Renan.
    Please expand the conversation and share with others what TheCatalist is all about!

  • Hans Laut said:

    Querido catalista,

    quiero compartir contigo esto que encontré.

    En cuanto pueda te daré una copia que el autor ha formado para tí y ‘la causa’ de The Catalist.


  • Fernando said:

    I am not sure if I agree with the terms positive/negative, but I appreciate people like you who instead of complaining take actions to empower society, communities and the world… congratulations for this website… we need more people in this kind of contexts…

  • Jorge (author) said:

    Thank you Fernando for your words!
    It all got started a couple years ago when someone made me think on what is possible for Mexico….

  • Will Maynez said:

    City College of San Francisco’s “Pan American Unity” mural by Diego Rivera (www.riveramural.org)speaks to all the possibilities of a greater union of all the countries on the American continents.

    This year in collaboration with the Mexican Consulate, we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the mural, the 75th of City College, the 100th of the Mexican Revolution, and the 200th of Mexican Independence.

    Please log on to our website and enjoy the last work Rivera did in the U.S.

  • Rolando Rodriguez-Leal said:

    Congratulation on this effort. Keep the good posts coming!

  • Kathy said:

    This is the first time I have read your site. I agree with your mission statement. I will be a regular reader of The Catalist from here on.

  • p wilkinson said:

    Love your site and articles. I am starting a video site mostly in north and central MX with lots of cultural stuff, in SP and ENG (usually) http://www.mexitv.com – pw

  • johanna van zanten said:

    Hi Jorge,
    Can you add an option on your website to subscribe, so I get sent an email message when a new article is published on your site? I don’t want to miss any! Keep up the great writing.
    Johanna van Zanten

  • Jorge (author) said:

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will add it right away as we do have it in spanish!!

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