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[11 Aug 2010 | 133 Comments | ]
Violent Deaths in Mexico: Everything Is Not as it Seems

In recent months the debate about violence in Mexico has heated up significantly. Most news channels and newspapers have been giving a broad coverage on the facts of crime, which are usually focused on the issue of combating organized crime.
When it comes to human lives, it is always difficult to speak coldly about figures. But when we need to know what really is going on, in terms of crime, we can do nothing but refer to them.
The indicator that measures the violence in a country is the number of violent …

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[27 Apr 2010 | One Comment | ]
SB1070: Shame on you!

SB 1070 is the new law enacted and passed by the state of Arizona and is the most comprehensive and stringent anti-immigration measure yet seen for decades in the United States. Among other things under law it is now considered a crime for anyone -and subject to arrest without warrant- if it is unable to prove lawful residence in the United States upon being asked based on “reasonable suspicion” to provide that proof. Starting on July or August 2010, when this law is enforced, the Arizona State Police will be …

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[3 Jun 2009 | No Comment | ]

Reading a review on the book “In the Shadow of the Giant: The Americanization of Modern Mexico” triggered exactly the same feelings of frustration and awe that are behind the inspiration of this blog.
The book was written by Joseph Contreras, a former Newsweek correspondent in Mexico and now editor of The News, an English language newspaper in Mexico.
From the review I gather that his book tries to show how Mexico has become increasingly Americanized, and how relations between the two neighboring countries might be moving forward.  But his insights, at …