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[2 Jun 2010 | One Comment | ]
Mexico: Success leveling the opportunities playing field for Children

Imagine a country where your future did not depend on where you come from, how much your family earns, what color your skin is, or whether you are male or female. Imagine if personal circumstances, those over which you have no control or responsibility, were irrelevant to your opportunities, and to your children’s opportunities. And imagine now a statistical tool that can help governments make that a reality. Welcome to the World Bank Human Opportunity Index (HOI).
The HOI calculates how personal circumstances (like birthplace, wealth, race or gender) impact a …

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[12 Feb 2010 | No Comment | ]
French Government Légion d’honneur for Mexican Health Minister!

Mexican Health Secretary José Angel Córdova Villalobos was invested as Knight of the Légion d´honneur at the Elysée Palace by French President Nicolas Sarkozy for his role in the control of the A(H1N1) flu crisis.
The Légion d’honneur or Ordre National de la Légion d’honneur or National Order of the Legion of Honour” is a French order established by Napoleon Bonaparte, First Consul of the First Republic, on May 19th 1802. The Order is the highest decoration in France and is awarded for excellent civil or military conduct delivered, upon official …

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[22 Jan 2010 | 8 Comments | ]
Mexico Setting a Worldwide Example: Donations to Haiti’s Earthquake Relief

Tibor R. Machan, researcher at the Hoover Institution at Stanford, titled one of his books “Generosity: A Virtue in Civil Society”. Today, though in front of a terrible human tragedy, the world is genuinely showing what thousands of years of evolution and civilization could proudly account for. Empathy and generosity throughout the world shine in Haiti’s obscure times.
Among all this generosity, Mexico stands apart. According to Reliefweb data published by The Guardian, Mexico occupies the 7th place among donations sent by countries worldwide- not agencies- to Haiti´s earthquake relief. …